Spiritually Healing Others (Dr. Paul Leon Masters)

healing candleNearly all teachings of a spiritual nature emphasize that the practice of spiritual healing should mostly be for spiritual self-healing. While this is true, unquestionably there are instances where even a person who is well versed in spiritual healing practices may find the need to reach out to another person for spiritual healing assistance.

As any advanced student or practitioner of spiritual healing knows, it is not the practitioner who actually does the healing. All spiritual healing is done by the higher forces or the divine working through and as the natural healing intelligence of the body. So now we must ask: If it is the divine who is truly doing the healing, then what is the spiritual practitioner doing, or what role does the practitioner play in the spiritual healing process?

Your-Extrasensory-Meditation-PowerThe practitioner’s responsibility is to create within the body and mind of the person seeking healing a state of consciousness that is accepting and open to the natural healing intelligence existing within the body and mind. This can be accomplished either directly in a person’s physical presence, or at a distance.

The body/mind relationship is regarded as two energy fields constantly interacting with one another. What takes place in one affects the other. The body is a field of consciousness, as the mind is also a field of consciousness. Affect one and the other is immediately affected. At the center of all human consciousness is the ultimate light presence of the divine. Spiritual healing is a matter of creating an improved internal consciousness atmosphere that better allows the natural healing intelligence of the body to do the healing work. In the most simplistic theologies, it becomes a matter of faith.

In deeper spiritual healing approaches, a person’s faith may be larger than that of the traditional theological follower because of their increased knowledge about spiritual reality. Also, a person who is aware of life’s deeper spiritual mysteries may be in a better position to work with an outside spiritual healing practitioner. The difficulty with most people regarding spiritual healing is that they lack any real or deep faith. If results are not instantaneous, doubt quickly sets in, and the very faith that was intended to cause intervention with the divine is lost.

auraAs each person is different, no one method or practice will work for everyone. Sometimes a few methods will have to be tried before an effective means is found that is compatible with the consciousness of the person being treated. With this in mind, it is obvious that to be the most effective, a spiritual healing practitioner should feel comfortable with a variety of spiritual healing practices. Some may have a preference for only one spiritual healing practice because they feel comfortable with it and have experienced success through its use. Such spiritual practitioners may indeed be successful, but the likelihood is that their success would be even greater if they availed themselves of a variety of practices.

Another critical consideration in this regard is the degree of faith of the practitioner. At times, a person may have more faith in one procedure than another. This faith energy is transferred to the inner consciousness atmosphere of the person in need of healing, and thus, may have more power to stimulate healing.

Remember that the higher a state of spiritual consciousness you are in, the closer you are to the consciousness of the divine. The closer you are to the consciousness of the divine, the more likely you are to transcend the personal consciousness of the person seeking healing. This means you will have greater access telepathically to their unconscious mind and internal consciousness atmosphere. The purer your consciousness is during spiritual healing practices, the more likely you are to cause the desired effect on the consciousness of the person seeking healing. You should never practice spiritual healing if you are in a low state of consciousness. Negative energy could be transferred, thus making the healing more difficult. Getting yourself into a high state of consciousness can be accomplished in numerous ways, the most effective, of course, being meditation.higher-consciousness-symptoms-7

Anyone who is practicing spiritual healing on a daily basis should be practicing meditation daily as well. Every time you effectively meditate, you elevate your consciousness beyond the personal or ordinary state of consciousness to the divine-consciousness. The more you are one with the divine-consciousness within you, the more you are in touch with the same divine-consciousness in the mind of the person seeking healing.


Masters, Dr. Paul Leon, 2016, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry)

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