Protecting Oneself from Negative Energy (Dr P. Masters)

devi_trinity_ParvatiEvery day of your life, you live in a world of energy. Whatever seems solid is, in actuality, a vibrating field of energy. From human beings and other life forms to even inanimate objects such as rocks, all are really a vibrating field of energy, including the very earth upon which we stand.

The human mind itself is not the brain, but a field of energy that utilizes the energy factors of the brain cells through which it functions. Ultimately, life is an interaction of energy fields, one upon another. Emotions and feelings are also energies. The energies of the body and mind are interactive with each other, hence, the enormous influence of the mind upon the condition or health of the body. In fact, all of life is interacting. A cosmic energy domino effect exists that affects the whole of the universe.

In this interaction of energies, both positive and negative energies exist. All human beings are constantly being affected by the energy factors with which they come in contact. These interactions produce either positive or negative effects on an individual, depending upon whether they come in contact with positive or negative energies.

wisdom1In today’s world, there are a great many negative energies floating around the atmosphere. Although generally undetectable to the outer five senses, they can nonetheless be felt by anyone who has built up a sensitivity to perceive and feel energies in the air. This feeling can come from people, places, or objects. The air may seem to be filled with negative psychic energy, or, conversely, it may be filled with positive psychic energy.

If the energy is positive, there is nothing to do but to enjoy it and get pleasure from being a part of it, for remember, it is affecting the energy fields of your body and mind. If the energy is negative, then everything possible should be done to protect yourself from its influence. Because this is psychic energy, there is little you can do physically to safeguard yourself from its destructive influence. Most steps to protect yourself must take place on the same psychic level where the negative energy exists.

The main conductor of negative psychic energy on this planet comes from humankind itself in the form of emotions, such as anger, hate, jealousy, envy, greed, or revenge. These and other negative energies fill the psychic atmosphere in numerous locations in the world.

It is not just the physical weather that one walks through daily, but what could be termed psychic weather, as well. To simply ignore it is to be influenced by it. Attempting to ignore it or going into denial that it even exists is foolhardy. In this world—as it currently exists on a lower step of the evolutionary ladder of spiritual awareness—it must be addressed.

What numerous people today consider health-destroying stress is often brought about by not handling the pressure of negative energies on the nervous system of the body. Much of the spontaneous anger on today’s highways—described as road rage—is a result of people being caught up in the influence of negative psychic energy. Much of the general violence in society today can also find its source in people succumbing to the influence of negative psychic energy.

negativeFor example, at some time in your life have you overreacted with a negative outburst—at least momentarily—when something just seemed to overcome you? In most instances, this type of reaction is not necessarily the surfacing of repressed anger or frustration. Rather, it may be a reaction caused by being under the influence of the negative energy in the psychic atmosphere where the experience took place. Therefore, it is critical that dealing with the unseen, but often very real and present, influence of negative energy be a part of one’s knowledge.

Negative energy has far less of a chance to affect you if an abundance of positive energy is present—particularly higher consciousness energy. By meditating on God’s Presence, you lift the energy consciousness of both your body and your mind to the positive energy of higher consciousness. Daily meditation keeps your energy consciousness at a high level, so that even if some negative energy enters your general consciousness energy field, its effect will be minimal. Daily meditation practice also provides you with some assurance that you will be less susceptible to negative energy influences.

This does not mean that someone who meditates daily is free of negative energy influence. In fact, sometimes a person who meditates daily may be even more sensitive to the initial impact of negative energy on their system. However, once the initial impact is over with, the person will recuperate to a higher energy level because they are more in tune with the absolute positive energy, or the divine source.

As a result of daily meditation, you are closer to the divine or universal part of your mind, or the divine source.  The divine source, then, provides the peace of spirit to restore serenity to your nervous system. In addition, the divine source provides you with intuitive wisdom, through which you may be guided as to what to do to outwardly counteract negative energy from the outer source where it is originating, as well as what to do to restore energy balance within your psycho-physical being.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, 2016, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry)


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