Telepathic Qualities of Your Mind (Dr P.L. Masters)

Your-Extrasensory-Meditation-PowerYour mind has telepathic qualities that can affect your life for good or bad. The mind is a constant sending and receiving station of thought and feeling energies. Whatever you are thinking or feeling right now, and during every moment of your day throughout your life, is being telepathically broadcast to every single soul on earth—and beyond.

It is as though there is a portion of your unconscious mind that is telepathically linked to the unconscious mind of all souls everywhere. This is because, ultimately, there is but one mind in the universe, and that mind is the universal mind, Infinite Intelligence, or the mind of the divine.

vcm_s_kf_m160_160x122Within all souls this universal mind exists, acting as a universal medium for the telepathic transportation of thought between all souls. It is as if someone on the other side of the earth is receiving your thoughts and you, in turn, theirs. We share our thoughts with all humanity by sharing in the thought process of the divine. The sharing of thought with all other souls on the planet does not mean that on a conscious level of the mind everyone else is aware of what you have been thinking.

However, some may be drawn, psychically or telepathically, to you—and you to them—according to the nature of your thinking or feeling.

Healthy people attract healthy people. Neurotic people attract neurotic people. Losers attract losers, and winners attract winners. Therefore, to telepathically attract good into your life, your thoughts and feelings should vibrate with the energies of goodness, positivity, confidence, success, love, and health.

As previously mentioned, the one mind in all—the mind of the divine—acts as a telepathic medium to telepathically exchange thoughts between people. This will take place whether or not a person meditates. It is simply an automatic factor in the laws and principles in the working of universal mind. Therefore, you may ask what difference can meditation make? And the answer is, an enormous and significant difference.

sacred vowWhen you meditate, you get into and maintain closer contact with the greater unconscious part of your mind. A portion—the universal part—has awareness of what you have telepathically received. Part of what you have received has come from people with whom you are in contact in your physical life. You will thus be able to sense, and sometimes pick up, the general trend of their thinking.

This will provide you with intuitive direction as to how to interact with them. This can be especially helpful in matters dealing with your work or personal life. This can literally make the difference between having more good or more ill in your life. Meditating daily, then, can help you to be more aware of people already in your life, or those who may currently be entering it.

Always keep in mind that you are not only a sending station, but also a telepathic receiving station. If you are thinking and feeling positive and divine thoughts, you are automatically protected to some extent, as the darkness of any negative thoughts from others finds it more difficult to penetrate the light of the divine within and surrounding you.

Masters, Dr. Paul Leon, 2016, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry)

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