Overcoming Negatives (Dr Paul Masters)

emptynessEliminate all negatives from your mind and what do you have left?  The answer is the mind of the divine.  The divine is the absolute positive thinker. There is nothing but the divine; therefore, the divine has nothing to fear or war with. The divine is in infinite control of what is and shall be.

As the human mind progresses through time, eventually it will reawaken to its own divine nature. The only thing blocking the mind from such inner revelation is that the mind of most people is generally overflowing with negatives. These negatives keep the ultimate nature of the divine consciousness repressed or hidden under the negatives in the mind.

Rid yourself of all negatives and you will be in the divine consciousness — One, Whole, Complete, and Positive. You should realize, therefore, that the elimination of negatives from your mind is far more than merely changing from a negative to a positive thinker.

If carried to its absolute, it is a spiritual transformation of changing from a negative thinker to the divine consciousness, or the elimination of all negatives from your mind. Absolute positive thinking is when the divine-like sense opens you to all of the divine attributes of the divine, such as wisdom, love, creativity, healing and all other divine virtues associated with the mind and spirit that is the divine.

It is only good sense and divine wisdom, therefore, to pursue the cleansing and clearing of your mind of all negatives. It is a way that opens your mind at its conscious level to the universal mind of the divine.

One of the great negatives in the mind of most people today is a lack of self-esteem. Most people do not think very highly of themselves. Others, who can be characterized as egotists, hide a lack of self-esteem behind a mask of what appears to be an overly aggressive confidence to shield the actual truth.

To be free of negatives associated with a lack of positive self-esteem, be sure that your self-esteem is founded upon permanent spiritual truth. The greatest spiritual truth on which you can found your self-esteem is that your innermost real self is eternally one with the Presence of the divine at the center of your mind.

Adopt a mental attitude of this great spiritual truth and live it, think it, and breathe it daily, as if it were your very life’s breath. By living in this manner on a daily basis, you will be invoking the divine positive energy of the divine within you to help you sublimate negative thought energies in the more surface layers of your mind—especially those associated with low self-worth or low self-esteem.

You have only one, true, lasting background: you come from the divine. You continue to live in the presence of the divine and the divine in you during this physical lifetime, and after this physical life. Everything else in your background in this physical life is but a temporary experience.

Whatever is temporary is not that which is lasting, and only that which is lasting is real. Your background from childhood, up to the present time, should never be a negative in your mind.

The world is full of souls who, from humble beginnings, rose to the top of their chosen career. The only thing that matters is how you perceive yourself now. Realize that you live in the Eternal Now. The Eternal Now, or God, is the only thing lasting and real, and therefore, you should identify with it rather than with anything that might be lacking in your temporary background.

Don’t entertain negative thoughts that you are a loser, whether in income, love, health, or whatever! Doing so creates a loser image. Once you have this image, you attract even more negatives in your life because you become like a telepathic sending station that is broadcasting out, “I am a loser!” This is then telepathically picked up by others who themselves are losers, and they are attracted to you to further the experience of negatives in your life.

Instead, identify yourself with the presence of the divine, who successfully created and sustains life. Because of success on a universal life scale, you are immediately identified with the Mind, Wisdom and Creative power of the universe. There is no room for a loser image in such a state of mind. Therefore, meditate daily and identify daily with the Creator of the Universe, and do away with all sense of a loser image!

Remember, that prayer—like meditation—reaches the personal level of the subconscious mind that is the mental storehouse of accumulated negatives throughout one’s life. Prayerfully affirming your oneness with the divine’s ultimate positive presence also invokes the power of the light of the divine to dissolve and sublimate all negative thought energies into that light. Take a few moments daily to affirm your oneness with the divine presence within you to overcome negatives in your life.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon Masters, 2016, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry)

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