Insight into Soul Mates (Dr P.L. Masters)

soulmates-and-life-partnersThere is a master plan to the universe and all that transpires therein. That plan is as vast as the physical universe, and even far beyond, into other dimensions of existence. In fact, what takes place in the physical dimension is just the outer tip of the iceberg when compared to the vast complexity of creating and maintaining a universal order to all things.

Thus, there are innumerable mysteries involving existence, not the least of which is one’s spiritual relationship or connection to another human being. When we pursue this thought in regard to personal love relationships, we come to the often mysterious and intriguing subject of soul mates.

twin flamesThe very term “soul mate” implies a spiritual connection between two souls. The implication carried to its spiritual conclusion would also imply that these are two persons that the Divine meant to be together. Taking this one step further, it could be considered that the Divine created the two out of one.

In a mystical sense, there is but One Life in the Universe. In the creation of a soul, we can say that there is but One Universal Soul, whose body is light.

Within many spiritual traditions state that all things came forth from light. This would mean that individual souls came forth from the light in a higher spiritual realm before manifesting in physical form. To manifest and procreate on a physical dimension, each soul was divided into both male and female energy. Though separated, the energies still hold to common energy attraction, having originally come from being one, as one soul and one manifestation in an original higher realm of creation in the Universal Mind. Thus, if understood spiritually, the eternal quest to find one’s soul mate — consciously or even unconsciously — becomes the driving force behind love.

In the sense of shared values, lifestyle, and even physical appearance, the similarities in the natures of soul mates can be overwhelming. Their spiritual sense will be very much in tune, and on the lighter side, their laughter will closely resemble one another’s. All of this — appearance, laughter, similarity of spiritual understanding—is because they are originally from the same soul. The urge to love one another is the urge to literally reunite with one’s other half on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Once soul mates find each other, does this mean that they will stay together through eternity? The answer is that they must first be aware that they are soul mates, and that this is the most precious love — not only in this physical life, but throughout eternity. Acknowledging this, they must be willing to work together to triumph over any pressures and problems they encounter in physical life, realizing that they possess life’s most valuable gift.

hand heartIf both of them do not experience this willingness, they could become so entangled in issues and stresses that they go their own way, thus losing the very essence of themselves. Some will realize the mistake that they have made and attempt to rectify it by encouraging reuniting. Others — either consciously or unconsciously — will get involved in different experiences or another relationship as an escape from the spiritual pain they feel inside.

This process of coming together, only to lose contact once again, could happen over many lifetimes, until both halves of the whole decide that they must stay together in this life and beyond, regardless of anything that may come their way!

As for finding your soul mate, meditation is the key — as it is with everything in life. By meditating daily on the presence of the Divine, you enter into that higher energy of Oneness and Light, which is the Divine. As a result, you radiate Oneness. Oneness then becomes the primary vibratory energy in your thought waves on a psychic level, which attracts your soul mate to you.

In the case of soul mates, attraction is much deeper than any physical or mental attraction. It is something sensed on a spiritual level. The two people sense that they are already connected in some very deep spiritual way, for indeed they are. If indeed, the two souls are truly soul mates, it is not unusual for them to sense this, even on a first meeting.

Meditation also reveals that human beings are multi-dimensional; that is, you can simultaneously exist in several different dimensions. That means that if you have not already found your soul mate in this lifetime, there is a dimension where the two of you eternally exist. This continues when you are together on the physical plane, even if for some reason you become separated in the physical world.

If you feel you are currently separated from your soul mate, turn to the Divine to find and retain your soul mate in this physical life and in the life hereafter. Only the Divine, or one who is extremely aware and spiritually sensitive, can know the empty feeling of being separated from one’s true soul mate.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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