Encountering the Dark Goddess


vasalisa garden
“Vasalisa’s Garden” by Olivia Lomenech Gill

Since 2006 I have been hosting a workshop based on the Dark Goddess that falls around the dark moon closest to date that Samhain, the Celtic festival of the dead, is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere.  In 2019 the Encountering the Dark Goddess workshop will be presented for the first time in an online format as a journey that will be held over a period of 28 days – running from just prior to one full moon to just prior to the next – for a period of 30 to 32 days – and will coincide with not only over the period of Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere (April/May), but also during the period of when Samhain occurs in the Northern Hemisphere (October/ November).

For a period of a fortnight prior to each start date, seekers will be invited to gather in preparation for a journey down into the hidden depths where the Dark Goddess is found when the veils between the land of the living and the realm of the dead are at their thinnest.  And during each auspicious time of the year it will not matter what hemisphere seekers reside in for entrance through the veil will be accessible.

The dates will be from 18 April to 17 May 2019 for the journey through the Southern Hemispheric veil, and from 13 October to 12 November 2019 for the journey through the Northern Hemispheric veil.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Dark Goddess is many things to many people. She is Keeper of the Secrets and the Cauldron of Inner Knowledge, the Life Transformer, the Mover and Shaker, the Sorceress, the Wise Woman and Initiator.  In Jungian psychology she represents the “Shadow Self”, the inner aspects of our selves that we hide from view and refuse to acknowledge.  Yet she is much more than that.

It is through our own fear, we often ignore or misinterpret the Dark Goddess because it is she who reflects our own mortality – however, it is she who also guards the magical Cauldron of Transformation and is there to assist us in integrating the changes she brings about.

Encountering the Dark Goddess online journey will be an exploration into your deep shadow self through the connection with various “darker” aspects of the divine feminine in order to commence positive change at the deepest level.  You will be presented with an unique opportunity to step through the veil and into the realm of the “Inner Self”, to meet and embrace your “Shadow Self”, and to remove the unwanted and to reclaim what has been missing.

If you are serious about wanting to make change in your life, to break free of cyclic patterns, to gain true closure, you need to step into the shadows and journey deep within yourself in order to face what resides there. The Dark Goddess is waiting ….

More information about the Encountering the Dark Goddess journeys will be made available early in 2019.

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