Your Extrasensory Meditation Power (Dr Paul Masters)

Your-Extrasensory-Meditation-PowerA daily practice of meditation can give one an extrasensory edge in life. Without meditation, the human mind is left with only the intellect to guide its way. Whatever one has experienced or learned comprises the intellect, which must then make decisions in life, from minor to major. The sum total of such decisions reflects the entirety of one’s life.

Down through the ages, the truly wise, who have explored the heights and depths of the human mind, have agreed that there is far more to the human mind than the intellect alone. Those who are creative can particularly attest to this, as so much of the creativity they have expressed has come from a source beyond the capacity of their intellect. Similarly, many entrepreneurs, whose ideas are far beyond their capabilities, agree that their commercially applied creativity came from a part of their mind that was outside their intellect.

Undeniably, there are numerous people who have done well in life without any claim other than using their intellect. Yet, even among those, who can deny that during their lives, they, too, may have had flashes of inspiration in which a higher part of their mind provided them with the insight to make successful and positive decisions.

meditation2When viewed as a whole, society appears to be a reflection of the fact that inspiration, creativity, and intuition are an aspect—even if a very small one—of the lives of most people. The main point to be gleaned here is that if, indeed, an extrasensory part of the mind has played a significantly beneficial role in the lives of so many individuals, it should be developed into an integral presence in people’s everyday consciousness.

This can be accomplished through a daily practice of meditation, which opens the surface levels of the mind to the deeper levels. Contained in those deeper levels of the mind is a higher consciousness that knows more about life as a whole, as well as an individual’s life, than the intellect by itself could even begin to fathom.

Particularly when a person takes even a few minutes daily to meditate, the doorway of the mind remains open to an influx of higher consciousness, or what can also be termed extrasensory awareness. Meditation, therefore, can become a very practical benefit in one’s everyday life, rather than its sole purpose being the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

As for achieving success in life, the expression, “When it all comes together,” could unquestionably be a truth about success for numerous people. For many of those who have achieved success, it has not been a matter of brilliance, as much as a matter of timing. To be at the right place, at the right time, with the right thing, or the right person was what made the difference.

ChakrasWhen you meditate daily you become aware of the subtle energies that exist in the psychic environment of a situation or condition. There is a sensing as to where and at what time to act, and when to bring other people into what is taking place. Meditation provides you with this extrasensory power.

Meditating daily keeps the conscious level of your mind open to the spiritual level, or that part of your mind that contains the reason and purpose for which your soul incarnated into this lifetime. Here knowledge is contained about what the divine wants you to live out in this lifetime for the advancement of your soul.

In your day-to-day activities, there is an extrasensory sense of what to do and what not to do. This inner sensing is guiding you to become aware of your soul’s purpose and how to live it.

Monday Night Mantra and Meditations held at the Isian Centre of Metaphysics will be resuming on Monday, 3 February 2019.  More information about this open circles can be found here.

Adapted from the following Source:
Masters, Dr Paul Leon, “The Theocentric Way of Life” (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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