Spiritual Bonding with Another (Dr P.L. Masters)

auraThe deepest of all relationships that one can have with another person is spiritual. The coming together and bonding of two souls far exceeds the merger of minds and bodies. What is exchanged on a spiritual level can form a bond that can be eternal.

In fact, it may be that some people you have met in this lifetime, with whom you have felt a deep spiritual rapport, are souls with whom you spiritually bonded in previous lives. If such bonding can exist from one lifetime to another, it certainly underscores how very powerful a spiritual bond can be. Such spiritual bonds can be experienced between immediate family members, close friends, a spiritual student and teacher, and, most decisively, between a man and woman as lovers or spouses.

If you can form a spiritual bond between your soul and the soul of another, you greatly increase the chance that a personal relationship will last. That does not mean that forming a spiritual bond is an absolute guarantee that two people will live happily ever after. That is also a matter of how thoroughly each soul commits to the relationship, motivated by the love of one person’s soul for the soul of another.

aura-therapie-holistique-amour-couple-page-benoit-dutkiewiczTrue spiritual bonding with a commitment to the relationship will generally override the problems—both minor and major—that confront couples over time in their relationship. For anyone who is aware of how important spiritual bonding is to a relationship, it becomes a spiritual responsibility to discuss the idea and concept of spiritual bonding with their lover or spouse.

Of course, to be effective, such bonding must be agreed to and participated in by both parties. When real spiritual bonding has taken place between two people, it is as if the universe is blessing the relationship. It is as though the divine presence within each person has become apparent to each individual as one presence.

In actuality, by meditating daily on the divine’s presence, you automatically form some degree of a spiritual bond with another. This is because the more you enter into the presence of the divine within yourself—your true life-presence—the more you are entering into that very same true life-presence in a person with whom you share loving feelings. The divine presence in you both joins your souls together, creating a spiritual bond that is lasting.

There should be extensive communication about meditation, its practice, and the effect that daily meditation can have on increasing the spiritual bond between you and the person you love. The closer each of you comes to divine’s presence within, the closer your souls are—one to another.

couples yogaMeditating in close physical proximity to each other can also further the bonding between the two of you. This is because there are unseen energy factors of thoughts, feelings and emotions that permeate the space between you. When you meditate in close physical proximity, your auric fields commingle, exchanging vital energies.

One of the most effective ways for couples to meditate together is to meditate back-to-back. Each one is leaning on or in touch with the other’s back, particularly along the spinal column, where key energies—both masculine and feminine—flow. This tends to cause a balancing of energies over a period of time, which could result in further spiritual bonding between the two souls.

Another method is to sit across a small table together, holding hands. Energies are engaged through the left hand holding the other’s right hand, and vice versa. In this way, there is a balancing of male and female energies between the two people, which promotes further spiritual bonding.

As the eyes are the windows of the soul, staring into each other’s eyes and attempting to see the soul energy in the other’s eyes—while holding hands—can further create a spiritual bond. At first, when doing this, either or both parties may begin to laugh as a result of being self-conscious. But, after a short time of doing this practice, each person should feel comfortable enough to truly search out and find the soul’s energies in one another’s eyes.

Above all the things you can give to another is the gift of your real spiritual nature. You give the sensitivity you feel spiritually about life, yourself, and the person you love. Opening your soul to another about what you really think and truly feel can magnify the spiritual bond between you.

couple auraEven in the realm of material gifts, try to select gifts that have some spiritual significance or symbolism you both understand and appreciate. Give of your time—especially quality time—when there are only the two of you, without the distractions of children, family, friends, coworkers, and the like. Find time for just the two of you, where you are able to reflect on life and one another.

Every day, in some way, something should be said or implied that conveys an appreciation of the other person. This can be a compliment on anything they have said, done, or, for even more bonding, on who and what they are. Above all, statements should be made as to how much the other person means to you. It doesn’t matter how many times you express your appreciation, even about the same thing. People love to hear loving words—often! Let that person in your life know how much your very soul appreciates them. Above all, let the other person know you appreciate them for what they really are, deep down within.

Source: Master, Dr Paul Leon, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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