Yemaya Blessing of the Waters New Year Event

ICM Yemaya Blessing 2Is it too early to start thinking about the new year?  Not really when it comes to planning events such as the annual Yemaya Blessing of the Waters which is held at Grange Beach.

For over ten years, around the first full moon of the year, I have lead a rather special beach side devotional rite in order to Yemaya (also spelt Yemoja and Iemoja), the Yorùbá Orisha (or Goddess) of the living ocean.  This coming new year will be no different.  On Sunday, 20th January people are welcome to partake in this informal rite where we will be asking Yemaya to bless not only the world’s waterways, sea creations and all other beings that fall under Her protection, but to also grant us boom for the coming 12 months.

Yemaya ICMWe will be gathering on the grassed area in front of the Grange Hotel (look for the purple banner) around 8pm before heading down to the foreshore around 8.15pm.  The rite will commence around 8:30pm in time for the setting of the sun over St Vincent Gulf.

Participants are invited to make their own personal petitions to Yemaya with respect to issues involving fertility, travelling by or over the oceans, protection from enemies, healing, love and marriage, blessings, and also for the development of intuition and psychic gifts.

Offerings will be made by the way for throwing flowers, (preferably white), crystals (blue chalcedony and aquamarine are preferences to Yemaya), beach stones and shells into the ocean, as well as silver (white metal) coins.  The Orisha is also known to enjoy champagne.

Yemaya 260113There will be libations of watermelon (Yemaya’s favourite food) available for anyone wishing to participate.

Children are welcome to attend but must be supervised by their parents and/or guardians.

While this event is free, a gold coin donation would be collected with proceeds going towards a chosen charity on the night.

More information about who exactly Yemaya is as well as the Blessing of the Waters event will be made available closer to the time.


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