Improving Relationships with Others (Dr Paul Masters)

vcm_s_kf_m160_120x160How a person interacts with others is often and undeniably a key factor in whether their life is succeeding or failing. It is not necessarily how bright a person may intellectually be that assures success, but how they get along with others. In a corporate atmosphere, this is often referred to as being a team player. At times, this may present a dilemma for a spiritual and idealistic person, as what may often be good for a corporation may not be beneficial for the general public or consumer. Thus, one’s spiritual conscience may rebel.

There is often a fine line between getting along and the inner need to do what you feel your soul nature is directing you to do, such as what you feel is right. Such decisions are not confined to those in the boardroom, but sift down to all levels of the workforce.

communicationThis is not restricted to one’s vocation, either, but may also find its way into social and family relationships. Indeed, wherever a relationship with one or more people exists, one may face challenges to maintain peace and harmony, while attempting to improve the relationship. Idealistically, we try not to go against our conscience—or the quiet whisperings of the divine within us— while simultaneously continuing to improve a relationship.

Often it is a matter of timing—knowing when or when not to say something. Sometimes it is not necessarily what you say, but how you say it. With a misspoken word, a longstanding relationship—even one of many years—can be jeopardized.

People are often sensitive to either positive or negative energy. Your interaction with them therefore should be handled with the gentlest of care. On occasion, a person may cross your life’s path who will not reject you no matter what is said. As you know, however, this is the exception rather than the rule.

The spiritually aware person has a decided advantage in improving relationships with others through the techniques described here. As always, the main point is to get our personal ego-self out of the way, as the personal ego-self is usually that part of our nature that gets defensive and negative in its interactions with others.

Also requiring consideration is the need to choose wisely which individuals or groups of people with whom you desire to associate. Much grief can be avoided if you do not allow the “wrong” individuals or groups to become a part of your life. Conversely, much happiness can be gained in relationships with others if your soul nature is directing you in your choice of whom to let into your life.

ChakrasMeditation allows you to be aware and sensitive to your soul nature as well as to other  people. This sensitivity provides you with intuitive divine direction in choosing the right people with whom to associate, and how to interact positively with your choices.

Every time you enter meditation, you are improving your chances for bettering a relationship. The reason is that you are more divinely guided in what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. In essence, the more you open your mind to your soul nature, the more your soul opens you to the minds of others. The more open the minds of others are to you, the greater the opportunity to improve a relationship.

A daily practice of meditation brings you to a soul level of your own consciousness, which makes you more sensitive to the soul level of others. The soul level of the mind is that level where the soul’s purpose for this lifetime is known. By being sensitive to the soul level of others, you are sensitive to the soul’s purpose in others. The soul’s purpose of every individual fosters certain longings or needs that they come into this life to fulfill. By sensing the longings and needs of a person’s openness to their own soul, you can better interact with them because you sense what you can say or do that could bring them the greatest happiness and fulfillment.

When a person is listening and speaking in alignment with their true soul nature, they intuitively sense and know that it is not their personal ego that is communicating. The words are too right, the timing and delivery too perfect, the love and understanding too correct. Stepping back in your own mind and letting your true soul nature take over is the wisest thing you can do to improve a relationship.


Adapted from The Theocentric Way of Life by Dr Paul Leon Masters (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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