Meditating Your Way to Success (Dr Paul Masters)

ChakrasMeditators have a far greater chance of living successful lives, according to Dr Paul Masters.   There are numerous reasons for this, as we will explore.  Deep meditation, such as that practiced by yogis and mystics down through the ages, is the type of meditation to which Dr Masters is referring to in this article.

Another form of meditation is that which takes place at the Isian Centre of Metaphysics during our Monday Night Meditations open circles that are held most Monday evenings.

Deep meditation is when one attempts to let go of the intellectual part of the mind or consciousness in favor of the intuitive. The intuitive is directed by Universal Mind, located at the center or nucleus of the human mind. It is intuitive direction from Universal Mind that gives one the greatest opportunity to live a successful life.

You must understand what is meant by a successful life, which may be defined and described in a multitude of ways. The most essential aspect of living a successful life is living your soul’s purpose—whatever that may be. To one person it may mean success in a worldly sense, including wealth, power, and fame. To a spiritual seeker it may be finding spiritual enlightenment and living life accordingly. Whether in regard to the extremely worldly or the intensely spiritual, to be successful is living your soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

You must also explore the option between the two extremes of worldly or spiritual pursuits. The optimum result would be to realize a balance between the two. This balance and the achievement of it may also be your soul’s purpose, the accomplishment of which could denote living a successful life. The very act of meditation opens your consciousness so you become aware of what you should be doing to have a successful life, if you are not already doing it.

Meditation is the key to achieving oneness with Universal Mind, recognizing and accepting that the real source of all success comes from oneness with the divine source (God, Goddess, higher consciousness). In other words, meditating leads to oneness with the divine, which in turn leads to success, according to your soul’s purpose. Every time you meditate, you can think of yourself as being one step closer to success and a successful life.

devi_trinity_ParvatiDeep meditation involves letting loose of your intellect and personal ego consciousness so that you may experience what is beyond your intellect and personal ego. Going beyond intellect and personal ego allows you to come closer to your Source. You are losing your intellectual personal ego consciousness in favor of achieving greater oneness with your highest self-hood, or the divine presence within you.

Through meditation, mystics down through the ages have proclaimed that there is a oneness in consciousness between humans and the divine, and that the divine is a part of the innermost center of a person’s mind. It comes down to a concept first laid out on the mystical Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus: “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing.”  The more a person meditates, the more real this state of inner oneness becomes. As a person’s consciousness grows in this regard, the individual begins to sense and ultimately know that they are being intuitively guided in how to have success in their lives.

Over a period of time, there is simply no doubt that your life has been—and is—under divine direction. You begin to realize that nothing is by chance, and that experiences of success are part of your life when you have been successful in establishing your inner oneness with the divine.  This, then, goes beyond the definition of spiritual self-confidence to mystical self-confidence, where your confidence is based upon your inner oneness with the divine. Such confidence can give you the motivation, courage, and inspiration necessary to succeed.

Success often comes from knowing when to be at the right place, with the right people, with the right thing. Nothing is ever due to coincidence. When you meditate daily, you are being divinely guided by the presence of the divine within you.spiritual-experiences

Meditation, particularly if practiced on a daily basis, produces a constant flow of higher consciousness between the innermost divine level of your mind and the outermost or conscious level of your mind. Every time you meditate, you tap into the energy of the universe. The same energy that created the universe also created you, and sustains you by maintaining your involuntary bodily functions. It is the same energy that is the source of your mind’s energy, enabling you to think and interpret life through your five outer senses.

Every time you meditate you are opening yourself up to the energy that is divine or higher consciousness within you. Such energy can give you the constant renewal and revitalization necessary to do the work you need to do in order to experience success. While non-meditators will quit, the constant meditator will continue to give the time, effort, and energy necessary for success. Such energy is also part of the Universal Will Power. It is as though the same energy that had the power to create the universe is at work in your life to achieve success.

MOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeditation stills the restless energies of the mind, bringing mental calm. Such calm brings clarity to the mind. In a state of mental confusion, the mind’s energies are going in many different directions. Clarity of mind arrived at through meditation can allow you to mentally see through to the heart of the matter, or to penetrate the outer façade of people you meet. Having the ability to separate truth from fiction in this manner can be a great attribute in your goal to achieve success.

Monday Night Meditations is an open group held at the Isian Centre of Metaphysics (Parafield Gardens) where participants are guided through an initial grounding relaxation before moving into opening and balancing the chakras (body’s energy centres) through “chakra dhyana”.  This is then followed by the chanting of a chosen mantra (sacred prayer) as it is through sonic vibrations that we are able to connect with and seek guidance from the chosen aspect of the Divine.


**This article has been adapted slightly from an article written by Dr Paul Leon Masters from “The Theocentric Way of Life,” Volume 3: Module 7 (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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