Resolving the Unresolvable (Dr Paul Masters)

higher-consciousness-symptoms-7To wish, to hope, to dream of better things is a state of mind through which most people look upon every new cycle in their lives. This is especially true at the beginning of humanity’s group cycle at the dawn of every New Year.

Hoping and dreaming of making things better in their lives, people make resolutions that they will live a certain way or be a certain way, that they will make changes in their lives or how they will go about doing things. Yet, whether these resolutions occur at the time of a new year or at any other time, so very many of them remain unfulfilled or unresolved.

For most people, the story is very much the same. Well-intentioned resolutions seem to fade away and become distant cobwebs in the closet of the mind. Periodically, something then happens that reminds them that what they once resolved—remains unresolved. “Why did I not follow through,” we ask ourselves, “when it was so evident that a change for the better was necessary?”

The human dilemma repeats itself time and again: the struggle of the false sense of personal ego identity struggling within itself. From the inner whisper of spirit comes the guidance, “this is the chance to make things better,” only to be responded to by the shouting back of the personal ego, “this is why I can’t or won’t.” There is the Biblical observation, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” This certainty is played out in the inner lives of most people today in the battle between Truth, God [the Divine, ultimate consciousness], and falsehood—the false sense of personal ego identity.

high consciousness 1In Mystical Reality—that is, in the Mind of the Divine – all is already resolved in the Eternity of Beingness. But in the seeming illusion of time within the false, personal ego identity, things remain unresolved. Now there’s a single reason for this: If everything was resolved, everything would be Perfect or God-Beingness, and the personal ego would cease to be. The very existence of a false sense of personal ego identity is dependent on the seeming dualism of the resolved and unresolved—upon inner conflict. Whenever a person resolves to make changes in life, a dualistic conflict takes place, creating a stalemate where all remains unresolved.

Again, consider the Biblical statement “you can’t put new wine into old wineskins.” Similarly, you can’t put new resolutions into the old bottles of the false, personal ego identity and achieve improved results. If a resolution is to be made, the first should be, “I give up my false sense of personal ego identity and will to the Universal Consciousness of God and God’s Will, and in so doing, whatever seems to be in need of being resolved is already resolved in the Mind of God.” Consider these Biblical words of great mystical transformation: “He who loses himself (that is, one’s false sense of personal ego), finds himself (that is, one’s true Beingness—a oneness of soul with Universal Consciousness or God).”

The person with true Mystical Awareness sees the false, personal ego identity as a game player who repeatedly presents the doctrine of the unresolved before the limited perception of the physical senses. In Mystical Awareness, all is already resolved.

What to do?

Meditate daily, letting go to God’s Presence within oneself. In so doing, you raise yourself up to a higher vantage point of awareness, where you can look down on physical life and see the light that is—rather than the illusionary life-shadows of reality.

surrender_butterfly.jpgAffirm daily that all you could ever hope to be resolved is already resolved in the Mind of God, and then trust in God’s eternal timetable as to when it will be revealed to you.

Stop praying, affirming, and visualizing what you can get from God and move upward in Conscious Beingness to realize what you can give to God—your body, mind, and soul.  Only then will God begin to show you that all is resolved, and the measure of one’s life is God’s yardstick alone.

In your true self, be at peace in this Eternal moment of Always.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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