Looking Back … into the Future

ChakrasAs life for every soul unfolds until it becomes one with conscious Awareness, the surface part of the mind waits in anticipation of what the future will be. Will there be improvements in finances, love, health, happiness? Or will things continue as they have been or will they worsen?

Many decades ago, a song that was popular had lyrics that went, “Whatever will be, will be / The future’s not ours to see / Que será, será.” The lyrics maintained that what will be—will be, suggesting that one had little power of what will be. Of course, this flies in the face of the personal human ego, which, to justify its existence, asserts that it does have the power, in and of itself, to mold or shape the future.

However, mystically speaking, we live in an illusion of time and space, a veritable cosmic house of smoke and mirrors. What to the five outer senses seems to be reality may be but a dim image of what is, or is not. Every time there seems to be a new event in a person’s life, be it a new year, new job, new house, new car, or new relationship, on the surface it may seem new, but in mystical reality it is old or even ancient if we give up the illusion of time.

It can be said that when we wonder about the future, we are, in mystical fact, looking back into the past. In piercing into reality, mystical Awareness knows that past, present, and future are one, just as when we yield the illusion of time, it is revealed that there is no separation between past, present, and future.

spiritual-experiencesMany have used the phrase “the future is now,” which in one respect could be considered correct, but even more revealing would be the words “the future is past.” That may sound like an alarming thought to many because it may subtly suggest that humans cease in their efforts to improve the seeming future. The reality is that human attempts to improve things should go on because they are part of the seeming future (which is already the past). As an example, should one pray if what will be has already happened? It depends on one’s level of awareness. If more bound by the personal ego, the answer would be yes. If free of the personal ego’s illusions, the prayer might be spoken in such words as, “I give thanks to the Divine’s Presence that the Divine’s Will has been done.” It’s saying that however things have already turned out, they are for the best in the Eternal long run because they are in accordance with the Will of the Divine for the Eternal Good of the Soul.

Candidly, the more we release our personal will to the will of the Divine [or our higher consciousness], the more we have the realization that the Eternal is in total and complete charge, and that human efforts to improve are only the playing out of a cosmic script on the stage of Eternal Life. The Eternal Director, or the Divine, knows that the curtain has already come down and that all seeming future is already past.

Things simply cannot be left up to the devices of mortal awareness, because mortal awareness does not have the capacity to see the Whole picture. Only Universal Consciousness in Self-Contemplation can direct life so that there is life—at least as it is humanly perceived. Only the false sense of personal ego identity feels uncomfortable with glimpses of a Greater Reality. But when the false sense of self is diminished in one’s life, there comes a state of increased peace in one’s soul. Life goes on, but without the stresses of a personal ego identity placing pressures on the health of the body and the fulfillment of the soul. Life goes on with an awareness that a role is to be played in what already is the history of the past. To do well and bring about improvement is to be an integral part of a wonderful history that already is.

In basic teachings of New Thought Metaphysical Spirituality are the words, “I give thanks that it is already so—and so it is!” Such an affirmation is thought by some to make something so by saying it already is so. But the higher mystical truth is that whatever is affirmed is already past, not because an affirmation has made it so, but because the Will of the Divine, knowing the greater good for the soul, made something so.

The Mind of the Divine [or our higher consciousness] is not some blank slate where a mortal mind can impose its will without an awareness of the ramifications. Universal Consciousness or the Mind of the Divine is always in charge of its own thoughts, whether they be images of galaxies, other dimensions or inhabitants, or human life forms.

Universal Consciousness has already worked out what we call human life in a much greater scheme of things. Every person has already awakened to the full Soul’s potential—a Oneness with the Divine’s Presence, the Expression or Will of the Divine,  and in such Oneness, God’s Love.

This is a future worth looking back into.

Dr Paul Leon Masters, Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)


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