Prepare Yourselves, as Mercury Is About to Go Retrograde (Christopher Hope)

mercuryThere are three or four times each year that the planet Mercury appears to go into retrograde (ie from the earth appears to move backwards).  I say “appears” because in reality it is not actually moving backwards – due to it moving slower in its orbit around the sun than the earth  as the earth passes Mercury, this creates the illusion of it moving in retrograde.

In astrology, Mercury governs communication, travel and learning and therefore then it goes into retrograde, we are warned to take special care in relation to such things.

The following article by Christopher Hope can be found at The Limitless Minds.

The year 2018 will represent strong cosmic activity. We already witnessed the huge power of the lunar eclipse and it was just the beginning. People who love astrology know that 2018 is a year of radical changes, the moon will show its strong power a couple of more times, and Mercury will go into retrograde on three separate occasions.

It is important to note that the energy during Mercury Retrograde often presents itself by turning everything on its head. It will bring confusion, disarray, and chaos, all of which can easily take over our lives if we allow it to. In order to ‘master’ Mercury Retrograde and come out ahead, experts recommend that you avoid starting any major projects, making life-changing decisions our purchasing any valuable electronics. In fact, if you can limit your dependency on technology during this time that would be advisable as many experience technological failures, breakdowns and bugs.

Astrologer Anna Payne discussed the effects of Mercury retrograde and has some important recommendations and following tips to help you survive these times and use the benefit of the retrograde:

#1 – Take a deep breath; this won’t last forever.

#2 – Slow down, take your time, and pay attention to details.

#3 – Take care of anything that requires reevaluation & revision; this is a good way to channel this energy positively.

#4 – If you need to heal something from the past or connect to someone from the past? This is a good time to do it. This phase gives us a chance to retrace our steps and go revisit old ground.

#5 – Observe, review, and release. Remember to breathe!

First Retrograde: March 22 – April 15

This retrograde will be in the sign of Aries and it will represent a trigger that will activate serious emotional did-balance inside your soul. You will be confused, impulsive, rash in decisions and careless of the consequences. However, you will have the chance to feel and see how others truly see you and feel you. You will be given the chance to see the things with clarity and fix all of the social connections and relationships with people. Anyway, the pressure will be strong. You just need to remember that the time is limited and remain patient.

Second Retrograde: July 25 – August 11

This retrograde will occur in Leo. You think this will be any different? No. Even more tension, drama, disagreements and annoyances. The energy of this retrograde will certainly affect the social connection and mental side of our personality. However, you must remain patient and tranquil- things must not get out of control because there is a chance to escalate in total catastrophe. Try not to take anything personally and always avoid toxic people.

Third Retrograde: November 1 – December 6

Unlike the others, this retrograde will represent passion and excitement. It will be a true transition into Scorpio. The negativity in the first two will be switched with pure passion and creativity. This is a good time to grow as a person or just learn a couple of new things.

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