Know Everything, Admit Knowing Nothing (Dr Paul L Masters)

1__9SDjff_XSe6Kl_LSJrsKgTo know everything is to know the Universal Eternal Beingness of God. To know everything is to know one’s relationship to Everything—or God. To know one’s relationship to God [the Divine] is to know one’s soul’s purpose, or the reason for your being an individualized expression of God’s Presence. Only when a soul truly knows its reason for existing can the fulfillment of the soul be achieved, which, in truth, is God’s Will individualized.

Without such awareness – be it likened to Christ, Buddha, or Krishna – the mind remains a dimly lit room with choices and decisions about life based on shadowy speculations. When life is so founded, it is no wonder there is so much failure in the human experience to live in happiness and fulfillment.

It is not enough to acknowledge intellectually what is said here. That’s only a philosophical agreement, which still falls under the province of the personal ego. To know everything – God [the Divine] – you must admit to knowing nothing. The Christ Mind that was in Jesus alluded to this in the words, “Unless you become as little children (ie, stripped of the personal ego’s intellect), you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven (ie, the Beingness of God Consciousness).”

The choice is to remain a shadowy figure or to step into the Light of one’s Light-Self. When ready, the Light will guide you unto Itself.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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