Have You Lived Before?

past livesMention about past life regression can be found in the ancient Vedic text known as The Upanishads, believed to have been written between c.800 BCE and c.500 BCE.  Later, in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (compiled abound 400 BCE) the concepts are discussed in more detail as Patanjali contemplated the idea of the soul becoming burdened with an accumulation of impressions as part of the karma from previous lives. Here Patanjali referred to the process of past life regression prati-prasav (literally “reverse birthing”), and saw it as addressing current problems through memories of past lives.

In the West, it was largely due to the works of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the co-founder of the Theosophical Society in 1875, who popularised the concept of past life regression as we are probably more familiar with today. In fact since the 1950s, it has been used as a form of therapy by both psychologists and psychiatrists, particularly in the areas of unexplained illnesses.

egyptian priestToday past life regression therapy is based upon the principle that we are all spiritual beings living a human experience, and as such, our very essence, our Soul, has lived many life times before.   As such, it is our Soul that holds memories of the past, and sometimes these memories can be the actual cause of what is holding us back during this current incarnation.    It is through the discovering issues and instances that have occurred in our past lives that we can bring about profound healing and understanding to current life situations, behaviours and even relationships.

On Saturday 14 April 2018 I will be offering an exploratory journey into the realm of past lives where you are able to sit in circle with like minded Souls thus creating “group synchronicity”.  Through utilising various techniques, including hypnotherapy,  you will be given the opportunity to journey back through time to previous lives.

Regardless of whether you are seeking answers to unexplained interests, or reoccurring patterns in this life time, or simply are curious as to who you have been in the past, this introductory workshop could very well assist in you changing your life.

There are limited places available and bookings do close 7 April 2018 – so book your seat today.

Investment: $55
Venue: Isian Centre of Metaphysics, Parafield Gardens (address provided upon registration)

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