February’s Partial Solar Eclipse

Following on from the Full Moon lunar eclipse that was witnessed at the end of January, this coming week, we will experience a partial solar eclipse.  A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, obscuring view of the sun from our vantage point here on earth.  With this event being  “partial” eclipse, this means that the sun will only be obscured partially.

Although this eclipse probably will not be able to be visible from Adelaide (we will have to wait until July before we can witness a partial solar eclipse), it will be visible in southern South America, in particular Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and even in Antarctica.  This does not mean however that its energies will not effect us, because they will, regardless of whether we can witness the event or not.

So what does this partial solar eclipse mean energetic wise?

Taking place during the New Moon in Aquarius, this represents positive turning point and a much welcomed breath of fresh air for people who have been experiencing a lot of releasing and letting go since the start of this new year.  More often than not, what we are experiencing is the end result of a process that has been in place for a while that we may have not been aware of due to events taking place on a deeper level.  As we establish ourselves in this Master 11/2 year, there is a final push to remove all that no longer serves or hinders us.   Last month’s cosmic event of a Full Moon lunar eclipse also had a rather large influence in triggering things from the past that needed to be done away with once and for all.

As there will actually be no Full Moon during February this means that this month is about fresh starts, where we can utilise the energy of the solar eclipse to focus on what we desire to bring into our lives, planting seeds for the future now that we have made room by releasing obstacles from the past.

As the energy surrounding the upcoming eclipse falls in the astrological sign of Aquarius, an Air sign, its energy is more gentle than what we have recently experienced.  The Aquarian energy also enables us to start thinking about the bigger picture and in particular how our actions and words affect those around us, in particular with respect to relationships.

Now is the time to be honest – connect with your true thoughts and feelings, spend time reflecting and even attempting to see things from the other person’s point of view (especially when it comes to conflicts). One of the most important relationships we have is that with our own self.  The energy of this solar eclipse offers us the perfect opportunity to work out what it is that will make you feel complete.  Meditate and go within, become self-aware and pay attention to how you treat yourself and more importantly how you talk to yourself, that inner head dialogue.  Are you loving and kind towards yourself, or are you demanding and place high expectations on yourself?

Here in Adelaide the partial solar eclipse will commence around 5.25am on Friday, 16 February here in Adelaide with the maximum effect of the eclipse occurring around 7.21am, before dissipating by 9.30am.  If you feel you have had a bumpy start to 2018, it could be worthwhile to utilise the energy of this partial solar eclipse to bring some more self-awareness, joy and peace into your life.


**The eclipse will also mark the commencement of the Chinese New Year which is the Earth Dog.  According to Tanaaz, in Chinese Astrology, the Year of the Dog is associated with finding balance and getting organised.  On one hand, we may feel called to act, to change, and to make headway, but on the other hand we may feel a need to rest, reflect and go within.  Think of the energy of this year as being similar to how a dog behaves. You may be full of energy and raring to go, but then you also need your sleep!


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