Incarnation by Choice, or by Energy Filtering (Dr Paul Leon Masters)

higher-consciousness-symptoms-7Nothing in this universe is by chance.  All that is taking place throughout the vastness of Universal Presence is interconnected in the most precise way to every soul on the physical earth plane.  The life that everyone is leading is intertwined with this vast Universal Process within the Consciousness of God/the Divine.

The incarnating of souls into various planes, dimensions, or physically perceived planets is part of the Universal Process, for the smallest particles of existence are as important to the functioning of Universal Life as is the Whole of Universal Life itself.

Again, nothing is by chance.  The dimension and planet that a soul incarnates into – the parent souls that the soul physically incarnates through – are all by Divine Design.  All souls incarnate precisely where they are supposed to – and through the vehicles of the physical parent souls that they are supposed to – whether seemingly to the advantage or disadvantage of the incarnating soul.

high consciousness 1The process for the vast majority of incarnating souls is automatic; that is, they do not have a say in the choice of parents or environment they incarnate through and into.  All is based on the energy frequencies of what stage of awareness to the Whole or God and the Will of the Universe that a soul is in.

Like a giant filtering machine, the Universal Process automatically directs the path into a new incarnation.  Again, this involves the majority of souls incarnating into this physical, earth plane dimension.  They have not awakened sufficiently to the Whole or God Consciousness to make the choice for themselves, and thus, the choice is made for them through the Universal energy frequency filtering Process.

Angry, hostile energy souls will incarnate where there is a greater likelihood of wars and conflicts.  Peaceful souls will incarnate into areas where there is a more peaceful environment.  This could be thought of as karma on a larger collective stage of incarnating souls.  Collective or group incarnations are also part of the automatic filtering process that, in the language of this physical earth plane, is described as generational.

divinity-withinThe only exceptions to the automatic filtering process are Universally Awakened Souls who are totally aware of the life that they are incarnating into, and are able to see and know how their lives will be lived before incarnation.  They have the awakening sufficient enough to make the choice whether to incarnate or not.

Yet, this is not a personal choice.  Because they are Universally Aware, they are part of Universal or God’s Will, and thus it is Universal or God’s Will that truly makes the choice.  These Souls—totally in tune with the Spirit—choose the will of the Whole that they are part of.

For a Universally Awakened Soul, incarnating is for the purpose of helping souls who are not yet awakened to awaken, knowing that only a few are ready for total awakening, but at least the seeds for the blossoming of awakening can be planted in the soil of the mind to come to fruition in some future incarnation.

So it’s been through Eternity – to awaken the few and make ready the majority.

It can be described as incarnating in the grander scheme of things.

May your part be lived to its fullest!


Source: “Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknow” by Dr Paul Leon Masters

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