Full Moon in Aries (Crystal Lynn)


The Full Moon rises on Thursday, 5 October, and in the astrological sign of Aries.

As Crystal Lynn points out, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and the two shape our self concept, our ego, and our approach to life.   Right now, the Sun is in Libra, which is the sign of relationships, balance, harmony and integrity, so we are all experiencing a pull in that direction.  The Full Moon always rises in the sign opposite the Sun, so the Full Moon is in Aries.  While the Sun is masculine and draws our energy outward into the material world, the Moon is feminine and helps create balance by drawing our energy inward for healing and restructuring.   The Sun in Libra is pushing us to find balance and harmony in relationship and is urging us to be in integrity (aligned with body, mind and Spirit,) the Moon in Aries is supporting that agenda by having us look at our self concept, our ego and our approach to life.

During this moon phase, it is important to do two things: (a) think about what we want for ourselves, and (b) look at the blockages within us that are keeping us from manifesting it.  These blockages that Crystal is talking about are the BIG, true, soul-wrenching desires that are your Goddess-given potential and the aim for being here on Earth.  Those are the desires that want to come through you.  Because the Full Moon in Aries is about getting very honest about the things that you want to accomplish in your life but haven’t; or look at the things that you want to do, but don’t.  We need to take a Badass approach to our lives to accomplish what we desire.  SO, right now, while the Full Moon is in Aries, spend time digging past your own limiting view point of yourself (and the world) and to dive deep into the well of your heart to uncover the giant nugget of gold that is actually your greatest potential:  your Badass Self.

Okay, so what you’re digging through is a messy amalgamation of limiting beliefs, feelings of weakness, self-doubt, anxiety, mistrust and fear and some bad habits that you might have let get out of control.  There is no Badass that lets themselves be kept down by these things.  The thing that makes a Badass badass is their refusal to be held back by the only thing that could destroy them:  their own fears and limitations.  So this means you’re gonna have to muddle through all that limiting thinking and behavior, sort it out, heal it and then put yourself back together with a new foundation of confidence, strength and a Yes-I-Can attitude (I-Cans-Badass.)

vcm_s_kf_m160_124x160In order to really be Badass, you’ve got to do your Shadow work to find out what’s holding back your badass self.  Right now, you’ve got to the Sun in Libra helping you inventory your life in terms of how you are relating to other people.  Very often we look at other people and we point the finger at what’s wrong with them, but we forget that when we point, there are three of our own fingers pointing back at us.  All that judgment is coming from our own anger or resentment of what is not healed within us.

Dr. Martin Luther King said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  It’s easy to not be an asshole when life is easy.  It’s how one behaves when the going gets tough that matters.


shadow work.jpgWith the Sun in Libra, there is a great opportunity to let our relationships show us who we are.  The Full Moon in Aries, though, is about taking what we are learning and applying it to ourselves.  ARIES KNOWS WHAT IT WANTS AND IT’S NOT AFRAID TO GET IT.  The Full Moon in Aries is going to show you what is blocking you from getting what you want.  Get very clear about what you want by looking at the barriers in your own thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.   Aries rules the self concept , the ego and your approach to life.  Look at yourself.  Where are you blocked in your self expression?  Where are you blocked in your confidence, self-esteem, and belief in your ability to carry out your dreams?  Where do you feel like the world does not want what you have to offer?

Aries is about being seen, being bold, being badass.  The Full Moon in Aries wants to awaken your badass self.

Click here to read Crystal Lynn’s article in its entirety.

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