Emotionality is not the same as spirituality (Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD)

emotions and thoughts1Emotionality is not the same as spirituality.

Because so many have been forced into a state of emotional disconnection, focusing on that journey is a key part of spiritual reconnection.

Contemporary society creates this bizarre hybrid of overdeveloping higher / mental faculties (using that binary as a heuristic device for a moment) and the underdevelopment of the lower / emotional states.

And so there is a mish-mash afoot.

When we seek spirit, we seek an experience that transcends emotions, thought, logic, intuition, higher, lower, darker, lighter – or just about any binary-category you can think of.

To do so in a full way, we need to access the gateways, pathways or channels to that experience more fully.

Hence the focus on the emotional body. And in its reconnection.

Because it is less acknowledged.

It is valuable to remember that this is not the end-state for those seeking to connect with Spirit, but a key aspect of the process.

Being an empath, for instance – means that you have access to some level of psychic connection. It´s a more powerful activation of the mind-emotion connection.

Is this fully, purely, Spirit?

Read on …

People feel challenged when their feelings are contested.

This is normal.

But holding onto those perceptions and reactions doesn´t take you to the Space (which many reading this) have at least an intellectual desire to reach.

emotionsObserve your emotions as your experience them.

Embody them as you detach from them at the same time.

Allow them to play out as a parallel process of coming into awareness goes to work.

Whether you´re in the right, in the wrong.

Same difference.

Your opinion, the more passionately you believe in it actually creates its own kind of obstacle.

Which is not to say you shouldn´t have one – it´s a just a delicate balance.

Things are always in flux.

At the end of the day it is wise to remember that Spirit is wider, bigger, deeper … and qualitatively different than all of this.

Whilst the material realm and its experiences are conduits of spiritual expression, Spirit itself is …

Something completely different.

It´s not your body.

It´s not your emotions.

It´s not your thoughts and opinions.

It´s not your mind.

It´s not even your psychic ability to pick up others´ emotions or travel into past lives.

Spirit moves through these parts of you, me – and all of us – everything that exists.

But one is the vessel of the other. It is the form that gives the energy visible expression.

You can also say that Spirit allowed form to be, and for gifts to awaken.

But neither capture its own essence.

You can´t really put words to it without making a human label and bringing with it a human perspective.

Which is legit – up to a point.

We are human beings (skeletons in a walking meat sack) seeking to connect to something beyond this form.

It´s a tall order,

But no one sensible ever said the path was an easy one.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Source: Emotionality is not the same as spirituality.

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