Saturn Direct : Farewell Scorpio it’s been real (Asha Maria)


Cry in relief folks, for most of us it has been brutal. Thanks for the lessons Lord Saturn, but happy to move forward now. I am definitely a lot tougher than at the beginning of this cycle but ooh, ouch – oof! Weren’t those lessons so hard? Since Nov 2014 it’s been a ride through the deep depths of our karma. We’ve experienced transformation as we dealt with the consequences of actions (made by us or enacted upon us). Anywhere we have been less than utterly real, honest and truthful about ourselves was ripped into clarity –  pushed against limits to see whether we would break or break through.

Saturn in Scorpio brings out our gifts but only through immense difficulty. He strips away everything that is no longer in keeping with our destiny so that we may continue. Saturn has 7 veils of darkness (our illusions) as the Sun has 7 radiations of illumination. We all prefer the illumination because it is beautiful, ecstatic, lovely. But the illumination dissipates if we have not worked Saturn’s path too. Saturn’s unveiling reveals the inner light and beauty  – surprising and lovely – in his own way.  He prepares the ground for us to grow.

Who likes limitations? None of us. And that is why Saturn comes to SCHOOL us so we can actually achieve our destiny, because we prefer comfort to growth. Ease, to discipline, we are material sensuous creatures (mmm) but this can create problems, we avoid suffering and thus do not grow. Saturn gives us the law of reality, he teaches us the importance of structure, routine and duty.

Saturn is the least favourite of the planets because he makes things real. Lord of Restriction, creator of Inertia and karmic accountant. He exposes our ‘LACK’ – our incapacities, our limits. He shows the reality of our capacities and the work needed to improve ourselves and actually achieve the dreams he seems to destroy.

Accept this truth, painful as it is, we become capable, responsible and enduring. What seems destruction of our ‘hopes and dreams’ equips us to become creators within our destinies.  He doesn’t punish or cause strife for no reason; he shows up where we haven’t covered all the bases or not been honest with ourselves.

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio was, frankly, brutal. Especially for those born with Saturn in Scorpio or Moon signs of Scorpio (sade sati), Taurus (oppositions with partners) or Aries (ashtamsha). His lessons are HARD. He retrogrades thrice during his 3-ish year transit of each zodiac sign. He takes us over, and over again, the lessons we need to learn.

Now, after 6 months retrograde Saturn is in direct motion again, turning direct late last night. He is a slow planet so we don’t feel the effect for a few more days – but it is time to get moving on working within the structures you’ve had to shore up since March. You will begin to make ground with frustrated efforts, Saturn supporting actions of diligence, discipline and endurance.

Because we’re at the very last stretch of the Saturn in Scorpio transit it’s time to synthesis the lessons and move the heck on. DO NOT STAY in those murky waters. Look ahead, keep building, move more steadily and use any difficult experiences as tools to overcome future challenges. Saturn will move into joyous Sagittarius from Oct 22, taking us back into that ground we began to cover in January 2017. It’s time to get to work – and the tides are with us. Expect a few more bumps from this karma since Nov 2014 as we approach the end of it, and especially as Saturn moves slowly on the knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This knot or gandanta triggers a shift in gears in our work with Saturn’s energy – limits, restrictions, responsibility.  Full steam ahead, steady as she goes – we won’t be back in Scorpio for another 28 years.

The Saturn in Sagittarius transit will help us make our ideals real, get hard to work on higher study and assist writers/philosophers and academics to bring Saturnian wisdom, structure and order to the ideal and intangible.


Read by moon sign for the development of the soul/emotional effect, Sun sign for life direction/structure, Ascendant sign for your persona. These are SIDEREAL/VEDIC horoscopes.* 

Aries – Saturn leaves the difficult 8th house of emotional turmoil, debt and shared karma (with spouse or significant other).  Now in direct motion, be willing to get to work on understanding this difficult period – you know what you are made of and what you are capable of enduring. Time to leave self doubt behind and seize your ambitions, driving them before you – knowing your power and vulnerabilities makes you only more formidable! From Oct 22 Saturn in Sagittarius moves to the joyous 9th house of dharma, good fortune and learning – crystallising good fortune and greater ease from your efforts.

Taurus – Saturn has antagonised your sign since Nov 2014. The 7th house is the house of conflicts, relationships, the law and contracts. A difficult time being happy with your spouse, for those who are single a desolate period of finding a spouse or partner, and difficult relations with others. The persona and public reputation received ‘evil glance’ of Saturn at this time and you had to struggle for every little gain. The direct motion of Saturn moves you out of this territory. His movement into Sagittarius, although into the afflicted 8th house, being Sagittarius, brings the chance to work off debts, and improve your standing after this tough period.

Gemini – Saturn brings improvements to your health and employment after a difficult period of making headway or having to confront parts of your well-being you neglected up until Saturn’s influence forced you to face facts about your habits and self-care. Saturn moves into your 7th house of relationships and partnerships, being Sagittarius this mitigates many of the difficult aspects Saturn can bring to relationship – making commitments more solid, showing the lack of commitment in some cases, and helping you to clarify not only what you desire, but what you need in order to have a good, respectful and stable intimacy in your life. This significant relationship isn’t just committed partnership but also influences partnerships of any kind.

Cancer – Saturn moves forward in your 5th house of romance, children and flirtation. A long period of romantic conflict and dissatisfaction is coming to a close for you. Saturn kept  bringing you back to earth everytime your heart tried to soar, this misery-guts influence while helpful in tempering your expectations of romantic fulfilment also helped you to see what really is of value in these relationships. If you’d put your needs/ambitions aside for love, Saturn called you on it. As Saturn moves forward into Sagittarius in late October he brings his accounting eye to your routines, healthcare and day-job helping you to finish tasks and cautioning you not to wriggle out of responsibility! If you work with him, he will help you reap many rewards.

Leo – Sunshiny Leo you’ve had an eclipse right over your sign and are mid Merc retro. Saturn turns direct  after 3 years in the 4th house of home, hearth and the Mother image. This has been a time of both solidifying your connection to roots, making a home for yourself and connection to place – but in coming home, close to the root of things, any lack, sorrow and the real responsibilities of settling in anyway have also shown up sharp and clear. Saturn moves forward into your friendly sign of Sagittarius from Oct 22 bringing solidity to your creative ideas, flirtations and romantic life. You may begin to impose order on all the things you ‘love’ – and you’ll learn both the values and the limits to that during this 3 year transit.

Virgo is ever the friend to Saturn, he is finishing up his work in your 3rd house of mind, communication and day-to-day action where he’s helped you make some of your ideas reality, but also brought an influence of mental solitude and hesitancy to really speak your mind. Not that you are prone to that dear Virgo – but he may have made you more black-and-white in your thinking during this time. Moving into your 4th house of home, hearth and mother, Saturn helps you feel more solid in relation to your family, fix your residence and encourage you to put some work in on establishing a solid foundation financially. With these steadying developments come necessary restrictions, but willing to economise as Virgo is, this is  productive period.

Libra and Saturn work well together, Saturn is exalted in your sign. The Libran love of harmony harmonises with the Saturnian love of order. Saturn leaves your finances and speech sector – after 3 years of very limited funds and big expenses – you can expect the transit into your 3rd house of mind, writing and intellect to help you rebuild after this difficult economic period. While Saturn remains in Scorpio make sure you establish long lasting habits of managing cash flow so you can make the most of those hard knock lessons you’ve had since Nov 2014. Saturn in Sagittarius brings steadier thinking and mental clarity – time to make a plan out and onward from Oct 22.

Scorpio – Saturn has been transiting your own sign since Nov 2014 – this has been a difficult and critical period for you as you were forced to get real and restructure your reality, down to the bed rock of your psyche, in order to understand who you really are and how you are projecting that image onto the world. Saturn also brought progress on the career front, a good time to make a name for yourself. But the searing self insight is hard to deal with! Saturn will move forward into your 2nd house of resources, money and speech from Oct 22, take care to order your finances but go steady – don’t stress – the work you do now will establish a sound basis of economy and management in the years ahead. Economise now, invest in education/higher learning if relevant, and keep your eye on the long-term goals.

Sagittarius – Saturn has been in the 12th house of your unconscious, secrets and longings. This is a difficult transit but also a spiritually productive time. By crystallising and bringing to the surface hopes, dreams and fears Saturn has helped you to understand the unconscious forces that drive your conscious actions. In knowing this, you know better how to act so you achieve goals and establish your reputation in life. From Oct 22 now transiting your ascendant/1st house, you will restructure your identity and how you project yourself upon the outer world. In knowing your unconscious you have come to know more about yourself, and now it’s time to restructure.

Capricorn – your ruling planet is Saturn so his transits don’t cause you the same conflicts they do most other sign. You are not in denial of the importance of discipline, responsibility and duty. Saturn in Scorpio has been limiting your social interactions and friendships since Nov 14, making you dissatisfied with people who aren’t ‘serious’ enough about the important things. You have received benefits from your career efforts but not necessarily in terms of cash rewards. However, being a Capricorn you can take the long view and see the value of what you have achieved. As Saturn moves into your 12th house get ready to explore the deepest parts of yourself and understand what really motivates your actions, allow yourself to be honest with yourself about your hopes and dreams. They don’t have to be ‘practical’ just listen to this inner voice and discover greater depths in you than you dreamed of.

Aquarius – strange but also strangely pragmatic the Aquarian is also ruled by Saturn. You experience Saturn’s influence as an imperative to find the greatest common good and social responsibility/justice. Saturn has been transiting your 10th house of career, vocation and reputation. Any gains have been made through difficult emotional effort, you were asked to sacrifice much to achieve your goals. You have been hard headed and tenacious and the result wasn’t always fair but you got greater insight into your ideals vs. the ethics (or lack of) of the outer world. From Oct 22 Saturn moves into your 11th house of gains, social groups and friendship you will find around you those who are as committed as you are, you will find people who share your ethics and ideas. Good results from the challenges in your career you faced since Nov 2014 will find you.

Pisces – Saturn has been in another watery sign, Scorpio, since Nov 2014 – transiting your 9th house of spiritual ideals and higher learning, you have been undergoing a review of what you really believe and whether that is really, real and what is reality anyway etc. It can be a time of religious doubt, a dark night of the soul, but the direct motion of Saturn and transit to the 10th house of career, vocation and reputation helps you to make use of what you struggled over for 3 years and change careers, commitments or perspectives on what you are really called to do in your life. How you will then put these crystalised ideals into action will play out during Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius from Oct 22 until 2020.


The author of this article is Asha Maria.  Asha reads tarot and astrology, writes weekly horoscopes and teaches workshops on creative spirituality. She has over 13 yrs experience as a reader. You can read more about her practise here or book your reading or report here 

Source: Saturn Direct : Farewell Scorpio it’s been real


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