Moving with the Lion’s Gate and Grand Fire Trine

lionsgate-portal-888-2015.jpgWhat is the “Lion’s Gate” or “Grand Fire Trine” you may be asking yourself?  Whilst I have heard of the second astrological term as being where a planetary pattern composed of three or more planets in a chart located at the vertices of an imaginary equilateral triangle, the first, the “Lion’s Gate”, was new to me.  So when Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam recently posted about it, I had to find out what she was talking about.

The “Lion’s Gate” portal is apparently an annual astrological occurrence that happens from the end of July through to mid August, where the Sun, Earth and Sirius align with each other in a specific way, resulting in an energetic portal.   This year the Lion’s Gate portal opens from 26 July to 12 August, with its peak being on 8 August, and is “unusually intense energetic portal”, according to Dr Balasubramaniam.  She goes on to advise that how deeply this portal will be felt will be “a reflection of your degree of sensitivity, journey, karma, dharma and other evolutionary requirements at this time”.

During the opening and activation of the “Lion’s Gate” portal, we may find that we are drawn to discover, embody and experience what truly brings us to life, what activates our capacity of joy, connection and creative inspiration.  This may also related to our friendship groups and other related networks.  There is also an innate realisation that the “older” Self, that which no longer serves us, must be released, let go of, in order for the new Self to merge.

1412037720.pngUnlike other years, however, this current “Lion’s Gate” felt unusually heavy to Dr Balasubramaniam, causing her to investigate further.  A full account of her investigations can be found in her very informative article.  What I would like to focus here are aspects of her summary of the “Grand Fire Trine” (the planetary makeup of the Trine can also be found in her article).

Aries Alignment
We are asked to find a new version or vision of the Self and the energy that it carries.  This will require us to give up old definitions of who you are, no matter what sense of power, control or status it may give you.  This will require many of us to empty the cup so it can be filled once more.  Listen to your body and see what knowledge it contains. Surrender to the Process.

Leo Alignment
We are asked to plunge fearlessly into deep, potentially long-forgotten spaces within.  We seek to connect with the Inner Central Sun that gives life, hope, liberation to Being. Some of these journeys will be joyfully welcomed by older versions of Self or re-visitation of severe spiritual pain, trauma and wounding.  In cases of the latter, old “gifts” need to be  surrendered.  Be mindful of where you tread and how strongly you do so. Be what you are.

Sagittarius Alignment
Be humble. Be willing to learn.  Listen to your inner wisdom. Know that whatever you do know is subject to change.  Do not allow others to abuse or intimidate you with their own “authority”.  Be open to walking a new road, even if that means giving up the pedestal of Having Attained Knowledge.

Heavy stuff to consider and to take on board, especially if, like myself, you have not heard of the “Lion’s Gate” portal before.  For this reason, I enclose this Forever Conscious article about this astrological event.

empath-300x225.jpgDr Balasubramaniam also suggests that the need may arise to cut energetic and/or outdated karmic ties that no longer resonate with you during this time and suggests:

  • Working with the violet flame and the energy of Archangel Michael.
  • Using black obsidian (in an arrowhead shape), novaculite, brandenberg amethyst and green aventurine to cut any outdated energetic cords.
  • Using labradorite, amber, nuummite, and the like to seal the aura after any cutting.
  • Essential oil such as Frankincense, Black Pepper, and Clary Sage (use according to manufactures’ instructions)

Past and Present Life Regressions, as well as energetic cord cutting rites and auric cleansings are available through the Isian Centre of Metaphysics.  Contact us today and free yourself.




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