Is it your past that is the key to your future?

past-life-stairsHave you ever wondered why certain things and/or situations keep being attracted to you?  Or why you seem to suffer from an unexplained phobia or issue that you are not able to recall happening in your life, or even how it eventuated?  Maybe it is because the actual root cause of such problems, and even phobias, are actually a flow on effect from a very early childhood memory, a memory of when you were in the womb of  your mother, or even from a previous life.

If this still sounds a bit far fetched to you, then ask yourself, what exactly is preventing you from living your life to its fullest potential?

While conventional therapies focus on your current life, they may not be able to address the true root cause of the problem if it stems from a previous life, or a memory during gestation.  This is where Past and Present Life Regression can help.

Unlock Your Future by understanding the Keys of Your Past.

burning-the-pastPast and Present Life Regression is a form of therapy where I will guide you gently back into the time of the root cause of the problem, when it first manifested, whether it be in a previous life time or the time between conception and birth.  Through this process, an awareness is brought into your consciousness of what has been holding you back in order for you to begin living your full potential.  After a session, many clients report a greater sense of serenity, love and self-acceptance.

This coming weekend, I will be offering Past and Present Life Regression sessions for only $100, with each session lasting between 60 and 90 minutes.

If you would like to book a Past and Present Life Regression, please book your time here at either Parafield Gardens (Saturday) or Port Adelaide (Sunday).


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