Venus and Uranus Conjunct – The Spark, the Flame and the Rise of the Feminine (Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD)

Venus conjuncts Uranus at 27 Aries, trining the North Node (28 Leo) and Saturn / Galactic Center (25-27 Sagittarius). Remembering that Eris is nearby at 23 Aries only adds to the potency of this Grand Fire Trine.

Long story short – use this energy to focus on your relationship with your Body, your sense of Self (The I) and ways in which you embody (or disacknowledge) the Feminine as part of your Being.

It´s not necessarily an energy that you want to intellectualize. Or plan for. Such is the nature of Uranus´ lightning bolt of awakening. It strikes without warning.

In the shadows comes a spark that lights up the whole – or a random event that flips the switch on. Pay attention to the cues and catalysts that come your way.

You may be challenged to to connect deeper and further with that Rising, Roaring Warrior-Woman-in-Love-with-The-Self-and-Her-Planet – especially through challenges (or opportunities) with children, teachers, lovers, creative collaborators, and so on.

Enjoy the dance and allow yourself to acknowledge Your Presence, Role and Purpose – as part of this global awakening process. Beautiful philosophies, paradigms, artistic and passionate creations may be birthed at this time. (Or at the very least, conceived 🙂 )

Remember that there is no Collective (as it is) without the Unique Energy and Voice that is You. Never discount it. Or anyone else´s.

There will of course be some who feel this energy so intensely that they may feel burnt-out or extremely ungrounded. You know what I´ll say here: GROUND OUT.

Sit with the earth, use crystals like smoky quartz and hematite. Drink plenty of fluids and get rest if you feel like you´re just going to explode.

And there will of course be those who use this energy to act out in ways which adversely engage with the Feminine Archetype. Erratic behavior from key political figures (or teachers) may be present. Keep an eye on the what´s being said in the public domain.


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