Black Salt, White Salt, and Red Brick Dust All Over

There are many traditional Hoodoo, Voodoo and magickal items that can be used for protection. White Sea Salt, Black Salt, and Red Brick dust are a few of these powerful tools.

Hoodoo Help with Red Brick Dust
Hoodoo practitioners put Red Brick Dust almost everywhere- the thresholds, the windowsills, the property line… anywhere that needs to be protected. The most effective dust comes from old houses or buildings. Someone gave me a bag full from an old Haunted House. It has it’s own special mojo. There are several spiritual supply shops that will sell you a bag, or you can make your own from some crumbling bricks that are no longer needed. Just light a white candle, get out your mortar and pestle and ground them down into a fine powder. The red brick dust is said to create a powerful psychic barrier that nothing harmful can cross. For best results be sure to lay a complete line across all your thresholds and windowsills on the eve of the full moon. You can then replace this monthly or whenever you feel the need to reinforce your protection in the home.

Rub Salt in the Wound
Sea Salt has been used for protection and blessing for centuries. Some Pagans I know swear by salt from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. All the local rivers flow to the Dead Sea, but nothing flows out. Salt can only be removed through evaporation. This is useful for healing magick, earth magick and protection blessings. Very often I recommend to clients who come to me for spellwork to use salt if they are having a problem with nightmares or unwanted energies in their home. Salt or Saltwater can be sprinkled under the bed and in the corners of the home for a subtle, yet highly effective blessing. I have a godsister who makes visitors stand in a litterbox full of sea salt that she has outside her front door. This makes sure everyone leaves their problems literally on the doorstep before entering her home. You can also make a circle out of sea salt to recharge your Tarot Cards or other ritual items.

Black Salt for Dark Nights
Many protection formulas and spells also call for the use of Black Salt, also known as Black Salt powder. There are many different types of Black Salt, here I am referring to the ritual type, as opposed to the Indian salt used in cooking. Ritual Black Salt is usually  made by combining sea salt or kosher salt with cast iron filings or charcoal. Black Salt is great for removing negativity and I often use it is situations where sea salt alone would not be enough. Some Lucumi formulas call for its help in removing enemies from your path. In fact some people even refer to this as Santeria (La Regla Lucumi) Salt.


Source: Black Salt, White Salt, and Red Brick Dust All Over

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