Harnessing the Power of the Grand Fire Trine (Dr B. Balasubramaniam PhD)

converted PNM fileSaturn, Uranus and the North Node form a Grand Fire Trine. The energy of this alignment is highly potent and encourages the focused, aligned use of creative, passionate energy in a directed form.

Uranus encourages you to align with that inner, vital spark of being that asks you to burst forth with the New You – whom you have been working so hard to realize.

Saturn Retrograde (close to the Galactic Center) asks you to listen to the path or paradigm or teacher whose work you feel brings you to Truth.

The North Node asks you to consider which form of artistic, passionate, performative or inspirational being brings you to life (and all those who witness you).

Now there are wonderful ways in which these titanic energies can be engaged and used to create beauty. The most important lesson is to know how to ground or anchor the incredible forces at play within the Body-As-A-Vessel.

Some of us have been undergoing physical shifts and recalibrations (myself included). This is part of the natural process of aligning the physical with the other subtle bodies and the frequencies they now generate at. It´s not always a comfortable process, and you can´t rush it.

Listen to what your body needs.

Sometimes the profound act of creation you need to be investing your time in is …. yourself.

Literally, in the blood and breath and bones that houses the Consciousness (or Spirit) of You. If this is your process, honor it and focus on Creation Within.

Now …

There are of course ways to use this energy in ways that are harmful to self and others. Manchester was a clear example of that. There are simply no words for it.

The fact the target was a concert filled with children and teenagers is just … well .. heartbreaking. It also screams Leo. Those who pray for the collective, please send your energies to where they are needed.

It does hearten me (and many others) to see the solidarity vigil that emerged shortly after the incident. Remember that the South Node is in Aquarius, and that now – more than ever – we are called to band together with our Soul Tribes to stand for the Truths and Ideas that bring us to Collective Awakening.

Fly the flag of peace, especially in the face of those who would see it ripped to shreds. That is, beyond extreme hedonism, apathy or narcissism – the only decent response to the world as is.

Take care of yourselves and listen to your bodies.

This is a long-standing Grand Fire Trine that will only really subside in October 2017. It is particularly strong right now owing to the proximity of Saturn to the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) and the 2nd exact Saturn-Uranus trine (May 18).

And, as always

Keep the faith.

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess
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Image: Cygnus Loop Supernova Blast Wave – GPN-2000-000992.jpg, NASA, public domain.

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