“Be True to Self and Be Free” (Radiant Living)

lilith black moon.jpg
Black Moon Lilith (artist unknown)

March has a key theme – ‘be true to self and be free’. Yet the race is on to avoid becoming trapped in the ‘disoriented self’ if we misunderstand or misuse the ‘self energy’ that is prevalent this year, particularly this March.

Strong, powerful Black Moon Lilith (archetype of authentic truth) is in fire sign Sagittarius squaring the Nodes (axis of destiny) all month (exact 15th March). What an image of the ‘true to self’ feminine at a destiny crossroads!  But will she become chained up by roles forced onto her (or her own wild rebellion) and lose her freedom, or will she break free onto her next best pathway?

Venus Retro in Fire Sign Aries

Venus (archetype of cultural ideas of the feminine) goes retrograde in fire sign Aries on 4th March and all month is in sync with Lilith’s efforts to keep the feminine free and authentic. Whenever Venus is Retro (for 40 days and 40 nights), life supports us to get clear on our true values, and while in Aries this comes through fighting for what we believe to be most important.

Both Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs that value the independence and freedom to discover and follow ‘the true self’, but as with any of the 12 zodiac signs, they have blind spots, and fire sign blind spots are generally to do with passionately following a belief as if it’s the truth.

True Self – Free from the Burden of Negativity

lilith-symbolThe astrology this month shows we know we have found the true self when we don’t harbour even one drop of negativity toward any other person following their true selves. It’s not possible to feel negative toward another person following their true self once we have found our own. Definitions of ‘more or less deserving’ vanish. We will know we have found our true self when we feel joy, delight, happiness and pride in any other being on the planet sharing or expressing their true self in any way, big or small. We will want to egg them on, and any negativity toward them falls away as quickly as it arises.

Will Venus while Retro over the next six weeks slip into faulty perceptions of the true self, or will she contact the pulse of authenticity and freedom within herself by connecting to her true inner fire? Probably a bit of both in the cauldron of this month’s energies.

The rest of this article can be read at Radiant Living

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