Ending 2016 in Style

Kali Freedom.JPGThis year can certainly be described as “annus horribilis” which saw the passing of many much loved celebrities starting with David Bowie on 10 January just two days after his 69th birthday, followed by Alan Rickman four days later, Prince in April, and Pete Burns in October.  Closer to home, 2016 commenced with fires blazed across the South Australian Pinery region, the Victorian Great Ocean Road, not the mention the country town of Yarloop in Western Australia. As the year progressed, so too did the variety of events.  When looking at 2016 from an esoteric numerological perspective, the numbers total “9”.  As numerology focuses around a nine year cycle, “9” marks the end of the such cycle.  When this is taken into consideration, it does not appear to be unusual for the number of “endings” that seem to be surrounding us.

As one cycle ends, so another begins, and that is the coming year, 2017, a “1” year.  This means that 2017 bids us all to start something brand new, something that expresses our uniqueness, that uses our leadership abilities, that opens us to new perspectives. It is the time to think and act independently, as well as to put leadership abilities and unique talents to use in the greater world.  Further information about what 2017 can bring, can be found at 2017 Numerology Predictions.

In order to prepare ourselves for what the new year can bring, we need to remove of unwanted energies from the current year.  In order to assist this, and to mark the last Monday Night Meditation for the year, a special event will be held on Monday, 12th December that will include utilising the Kali mantra.

burning-the-pastThis mantra will bless you with strength and power, and fill you up with positive energy. You can use this mantra to feel different, powerful and energetic. Shakti (energy) is given an exalted place in our scriptures. Most of the time, it is calm and gentle, but it can turn aggressive when needed.

The Kali mantra can be used to bring one very quickly into balance or alignment with regard to a specific situation. The results can be dramatic and even unpleasant, even if they are ultimately the most compassionate. For instance, if you are having problems with a relationship and you use the Kali mantra to invoke her help with the problem, the relationship may end abruptly, even though this is not the outcome you desired.

As there are limited places available, please contact us regarding vacancies.  The normal $10 cover charge will apply.


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