Cutting Unwanted Energy Cords

Cutting-RopeDid you know that throughout our lives we become bound by invisible cords of energy that can make us feel drained, tired, unhappy, ill, or even feeling unable to let something (or someone) go in order to move on with our lives?  This energy or “psychic” cords tend to occur in various parts of our bodies (usually around our chakras or energy centres) depending on their overall function:

  • The Third Eye (middle of the forehead): Mental Contact
  • Mouth/Throat: Spoken Words, limiting our communication or blocking the more appropriate use of communication
  • Heart: Emotions of love and hurt
  • Solar Plexus/Genitals: Guilt and sex
  • Thighs/Knees: Bearing a heavy load
  • Shins/feet: Walking you talk; honesty.

cordsThankfully, each one of us has the power to cut away these cords from the past that no longer is of use of benefit to us, and in doing so, we allow ourselves to once again experience freedom and regain control over our lives.  If you do not have the tools to do such work yourself, then the Isian Centre of Metaphysics is able to assist with our Cord Cutting Process.

During a Cording Cutting Process, you will be literally released from any etheric cords that are holding you back, that keep returning you to an old or existing relationship, or bad habit.  Why keep yourself bound any longer?

After just one session, you will FEEL ENERGISED as unwanted negative mental
or emotional entanglements are removed from your life.

After just one session you can feel a freedom in being able to embrace your REAL self.

The Cord Cutting Process that you will receive from the Isian Centre of Metaphysics will allow powerful changes into your life as long as you TRULY desire this to occur.  This process will be not as effective or long-lasting if on some level you unconsciously desire to remain in such a situation.

Are you ready to take control of your own self?

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